Practice Areas

Fahringer & Dubno provides comprehensive legal representation to clients nationwide. Based in New York City, the firm offers a preeminent level of experience, legal knowledge, and commitment to client support. The firm’s practice areas are wide ranging, encompassing:

Criminal Appeals

Fahringer & Dubno has the experience and legal expertise to handle any type of criminal appeal. Renowned for exceptional brief writing, the firm is also accomplished in oral arguments. In recognition of this high standard for appellate advocacy, clients throughout the nation continually choose Fahringer & Dubno for their criminal appeals.

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Civil Appeals

With decades of experience practicing in federal and state appellate courts, Fahringer & Dubno provides clients throughout the country with exceptional civil appellate representation. Counsel is admitted to practice in six federal Circuit Courts of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court, and has practiced at all levels of state courts..

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Petitions for Certiorari & Leave Applications

Fahringer & Dubno has a history of success in petitioning for certiorari before the nation’s highest court. This track record is the product of extensive experience in drafting petitions and crafting compelling issues that grab the Court’s attention. In the New York Court of Appeals, Fahringer & Dubno is recognized for drafting and submitting leave applications for criminal and civil clients. Counsel has successfully obtained leave to New York’s highest court in both civil and criminal cases.

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White Collar Criminal Defense

Fahringer & Dubno provides legal services to clients facing white collar criminal charges in state and federal courts. The firm has experience defending clients facing a wide variety of charges, including, but not limited to, Mail and Wire Fraud, Conspiracy, Money Laundering, Bank Fraud, Insurance Fraud, Health Care Fraud, Currency Transactions, Federal Forfeiture, Bribery, and Embezzlement. Fahringer & Dubno also has considerable experience representing defendants on appeals stemming from those charges.

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Post-Conviction Remedies and Habeas Corpus Proceedings

For clients convicted of criminal charges who have exhausted appellate options, Fahringer & Dubno provides alternative remedies. The firm helps incarcerated clients petition for habeas corpus relief or seek to vacate, set aside, or correct their sentences under federal law. State post-conviction proceedings are also within Fahringer & Dubno’s substantial remedial expertise.

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Motion Practice

Other attorneys routinely consult Fahringer & Dubno for their own motions and often rely on the firm to draft them as well. The firm’s expertise in this area arises from a comprehensive philosophy of client commitment, where pretrial motions are vital to preserving the trial record, as well as every opportunity for appeal.

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Sentencing Proceedings

At a sentencing hearing, a defendant’s fate is largely in the hands of the particular presiding judge, even considering state or federal guidelines. The firm takes a unique approach to every proceeding, tailored to the needs of each client to maximize the opportunity for favorable results. In addition, counsel’s drafting of the sentencing memorandum, preparation of witnesses, and strength of oral arguments help to procure reduced or alternative sentences.

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Media and First Amendment Law

Fahringer & Dubno has a long, distinguished history of fighting for clients’ free speech rights. The firm is nationally-recognized on First Amendment issues, including obscenity prosecutions and defamation actions. Having represented high-profile clients in matters arising from printed and television content, Fahringer & Dubno is also proficient in new media issues involving internet speech activity.

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Professional Representation

For lawyers and other professionals, such as doctors, pharmacists, chiropractors, and accountants, Fahringer & Dubno provides legal support for license retention. The firm has substantial experience representing clients before private and civic boards, as well as at administrative hearings, to address potential license violations. Fahringer & Dubno gives every client an optimal opportunity to preserve their professional certification and public reputation.

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